Our Vision & Mission

"Umas’s vision is to be the world leader in institutionalizing ABACUS education by providing quality course content and customized training thus ensuring an overall growth of children worldwide. We will earn our reputation through continuous improvement driven by innovation to our content and training and delivering them accurately, quickly, courteously and effectively”.

Courses Offered

  • Umas Advanced VEDIC MATHEMATICS.
  • Umas Learners & Advanced ABACUS & MENTAL Arithmetic Techniques.

Benefits of Umas Abacus education

Abacus education enhances progress in various abilities. Scientific analyses have demonstrated the effectiveness of abacus training in improving the following 6 abilities:

  • Ability to concentrate (Concentration) .
  • Ability to visualize and to be inspired (Inspiration) .
  • Ability to memorize (Memorization) .
  • Ability to observe attentively (Insight) .
  • Ability to process information (Information processing) .
  • Ability to listen and read quickly (Speed reading and listening).

Our Objectives are...

  • To build the mental ability to calculate fast and accurately without using any physical external device, such as abacus, calculator etc.,
  • To train and sharpen the child’s mental power especially the right brain.
  • To promote patience, efficiency and concentration.
  • To train the child to attain Good habit and Positive attitudes.
  • To train and develop the child’s observation power.
  • To sharpen the child’s hearing power.
  • To increase child’s creativity.
  • To improve the child’s memory power.
  • To reduce the child’s carelessness.
  • To expand the child’s faculties .
  • To uplift the child’s moral fiber .
  • To boost the child’s confidence in overcoming obstacle in their mental development.
  • To help the child overcome his/her phobia of numbers.

    The program is conducted either in schools or study centers and in no way contradicts a child's normal learning. In fact, it enhances learning skills so much that children who go through the Umas program show significant overall progress in other subjects in school!