Features of the program
  • A child can calculate 10 times faster than usual mathematical methods.
  • When adding there is no excess carry over method and while
    subtracting there is no borrowing method as in regular mathematics.
  • In multiplication only one step to arrive at the right answer.
  • While squaring no need to multiply again, for square root, no need to follow the trial and error method .
  • Calculation in this method runs from left to right to improve relative memory as against the normal calculation, which is from right to left .
  • F Abacus is a zero error technique .
  • Due to relative memory technique, there is no room for errors on calculation .
  • Due to the short and simple procedures, rechecking is very easy .
  • Calculations are done mentally .
  • Short procedures applied for calculation, makes the child to get more interest in the subject .
  • It increases the confidence of your child not only in performing calculations, but also increases speed and accuracy in other activities as well.

    Benefits of the program

  • Square roots, multiplication, division, solution to equations and much tougher calculations can be arrived at without using a tool
  • The simplicity of this program is that calculations are carried out mentally.
  • The development of creativity by means of Umas Abacus at a young age is helpful towards understanding advanced concepts.
  • Umas Abacus technique can be applied even for numbers beyond 10 digits
  • Umas Abacus will be beneficial throughout lifetime .
  • Saves time during Examination .
  • It is easy to check all text book problems .
  • Cent percent results with high scoring can be possible through this methodWhile cross checking answers, Umas Abacus can be used as an alternate method to travel and rectify mistakes These techniques will help the child to master mathematics. At the end of the course they can perform 10 digit calculations very fast