Corporate Overview

Umas Abacus! is a project of Umas Education Center, a trust that promotes the use of ABACUS learning in education to improve the quality of life of all human beings. As part of our global vision, Umas is committed to making educational dreams possible for families and students, as well as enhancing the financial stability and affordability of parents and entrepreneurs. It is the objective of Umas Abacus to offer children a selection of quality educational programs which present them with a wide range of positive and inspiring role models; someone they can relate to, as well as someone to emulate.

Company at a Glance

Umas Education Center is headquartered in Chennai, India and is one of the leading education planning and content developer institution in the country and provides a comprehensive suite of products and services to education-seeking entrepreneurs and operational products/services to the institutions that serve them. Simply put, the company helps parents prepare, plan and visualize the growth of their children thus ensuring a better future to their children. Over the past couple of years, Umas’s comprehensive approach to the education life-cycle has helped the company further penetrate markets through organic growth, acquisitions, and strengthening relationships with Children, parents, families, schools and franchisee entrepreneurs.

Umas is focused on providing outstanding service to help students, and the institutions that serve them, reach their goals. The company offers a broad range of ABACUS services, technology-based products, and tools to assist the Abacus education-seeking children throughout the learning life-cycle, and through this innovative product mix, have implemented a successful strategy to educate the next generation to glory and fame. Umas Abacus has a talented team of abacus experts and is headed by dynamic leadership with years of experience in education arena. The gifted team has trained thousands of students in this unique mental math technique